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Timeless Peel

30% AGP complex (retinol complex) |  20% L-lactic acid 

The Timeless Peel by Cosmedix is an advanced formula for treating ageing, photo damaged skin. This treatment lightens pigmentation, stimulates significant cell turnover, hydrates and plumps fine line and wrinkles. 


Key Ingredients:

AGP Retinol Complex (30%)

This retinol complex reduces and regulates oil production, regulates cell turnover, fades and heals pigmented scarring, and reduces breakouts and congestion. 

L-Lactic Acid (20%)

An alpha hydroxy acid, or AHA, found naturally in milk. It dissolves the bonds (desmosomes) between skin cells to allow exfoliation of keratinised surface cells, and facilitate the release of moisturising lipids onto the surface of the skin. Lactic acid also helps to lighten discolouration/pigmented scarring. 


- Fine lines

- Wrinkles

- Pigmentation

- Sun damage

- Melasma

- Uneven texture

- Dull skin

- Ageing skin

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