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Kimberley's Philosophy

“I believe in building client relationships based on trust and client-centred care. Good communication is key - it’s a partnership where we are working together to achieve the results we want for their skin. It’s such a special thing for someone to trust you with their skin, and not something anyone should take lightly - I believe that every single client deserves the highest standard of care that we can offer. I also believe that continued education on the skin therapists part is essential to ensure we are always up to date with the latest treatment options and protocols.” 


Skin Therapist

Kimberley has always had a keen interest in chemistry and biology, and wanted to work in an industry that served to help others in one way or another. 


She began her working career in vet nursing, which she enjoyed for several years - eventually though,  she was ready for a new challenge and made the move to Auckland to study radiography. 


During her placement year, Kimberley realised that while she enjoyed radiography, working in a hospital was just not the right environment for her - but she still wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare space, and one that centred around helping people. 


After much thought, she decided to study skin therapy where she has found her passion in helping others with their skin. Kimberley has a special interest in treating acne, a complex and multi-factorial condition that we see a lot at Skin Ritual. 


When she’s not studying or treating clients at the clinic, Kimberley enjoys working out at the gym, getting outdoors and hiking, and travelling. 


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