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Skin Pen

Micro-needling/Collagen Induction Therapy

The only FDA-approved, medically-registered microneedling device on the market, Skin Pen is the gold standard and delivers exceptional results.

Skin Pen can effectively treat:

  • Acne scarring

  • Surgical scars

  • Skin laxity/loss of elasticity

  • Uneven texture

  • Enlarged pores

  • Fine lines & wrinkles

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How It Works.

Skin Pen works by manipulating the skins natural wound-healing processes to increase collagen and elastin density, and remodel the skin.


The treatment creates thousands of micro-punctures in the skin, a process that results in just enough inflammation to initiate a wound-healing cascade in the skin. 

The wound-healing process involves release of growth factors, a dramatic increase in the production of collagen and elastin, and remodelling of the skin tissue over a period of up to six months following treatment. 

The end result is increased collagen-density, increased elasticity and firmness of the skin, improved texture, and improved structural integrity of the skin. 

Skin Pen was developed by Dr Thomas Hitchcock (Ph.D, Genetics), who specialises in biomechanical engineering and regenerative medicine. 

We perform our microneedling treatments in line with protocols set out by Dr Hitchcock to ensure utmost safety for our clients, and the best possible results from our treatments. 

We follow best practice.


What's the downtime?

During the first 12 hours, redness, tightness of the skin, and warmth are all normal. It usually feels very similar to a sunburn. 

During the first 24-48 hours the skin can remain pink, to varying degrees, and again warmth and tightness of the skin are normal.  

During the first 5-7 days following treatment, the skin will be more sensitive than usual, may feel dry, and can occasionally flake/peel mildly. 

Is there any discomfort?

Most treatments are tolerated without numbing cream - however this can vary, depending on the depth of the treatment.  During your consultation, your skin therapist will discuss this with you and determine whether or not numbing cream would be appropriate.

How many will I need, and how often?

This will depend on what you are trying to treat - but we normally recommend a course of 4-6 treatments, with treatments at four week intervals. 

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