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Treatment Plans

Invest in your skin health long term with a customised treatment plan. 

Under a plan, you'll enjoy 15% off all of your treatments for 12 months, and 10% off all of your skincare.

We don't believe in one-size-fits all - every plan is custom created for your individual skin. 


How it works.

1. Come in for a complimentary skin consultation. We'll perform a skin analysis, assess your skin health and condition, and discuss with you what you'd like to improve.


We'll also assess your current skincare routine, and ensure it is optimised to your skin. Sometimes this means introducing new products to your routine, and a lot of the time it means removing products that aren't benefitting your skin. 

2. Your skin therapist will then write up a customised treatment plan for you, including product recommendations. A structured plan that will target your concerns, and support skin health to give you your best skin ever. 


3. Decide if you'd like to pay weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, set up your payments, and begin your journey to healthy, beautiful skin. 

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