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The Kobido Ritual

Originating in Japan, Kobido is one of the most complex facial massage techniques in the world, known for its intricate hand & finger choreography and unmatched face-lifting qualities.
For centuries it was reserved for aristocracy; now it is now rapidly growing in popularity (especially in Europe) and being praised as a natural alternative to Botox or a non-surgical facelift.

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How it works.

The Kobido Ritual combines deep tissue work, myofascial release, muscle relaxation & stretching, lymphatic drainage, lifting and acupressure. 

The benefits are numerous, and include: 

  • release muscle tension through face, neck and shoulders

  • relax over-active facial muscles, reducing dynamic line formation (expression lines)

  • improve lymph circulation, reducing puffiness and water retention

  • improve blood circulation, increasing nutrient and oxygen delivery to the skin and removal of waste products

  • stimulate the vagus nerve

  • reduce headaches

  • improve sleep

  • reduce teeth grinding/clenching (bruxism)

  • stress reduction, complete relaxation, and nervous system regulation

  • an overall lifted appearance and glow to the skin following the release of tension, and improvement of lymphatic and blood circulation

  • improved neck mobility and posture

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