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HydraFacial MD

Express | $220 | Advanced | $249

HydraFacial MD™ is a gentle, non-invasive facial treatment that deep cleans pores, removes dull surface skin cells, and deeply hydrates the skin for a beautifully refreshed complexion - with zero downtime. 


Instantly Noticeable Results.

HydraFacial's® super antioxidant infusion gives your skin an instantly noticeable glow.

Effectively Extract Impurities

HydraFacial's® uses patented Vortex Fusion technology to deep clean pores and extract impurities.

Softer, Smoother Skin

HydraFacial® gently resurfaces and removes dull skin cells, leaving your skin brighter and smoother.

Step 1: Cleanse + Peel.

Activ-4™ signature blend of lactic acid and glucosamine HCL is applied to begin gently resurfacing and hydrating the skin.

Dull, lifeless skin cells are removed, revealing fresh healthy skin underneath. 

GlySal™ (a blend of glycolic and salicylic acid) is then applied, to break down stubborn congestion, and loosen impurities and dead skin - ready to be extracted. 

Step 2: Extract + Hydrate.

Beta-HD™ signature blend of salicylic acid, lactic acid, and willow bark extract is combined with HydraFacial Vortex suction technology to thoroughly extract impurities, and deep clean pores without any discomfort.

Step 3: Fuse + Protect.

Antiox+™ advanced antioxidant concentrate, enriched with peptides and hyaluronic acid, is infused into the skin to deliver nutrients and hydration and maximise results for clear, glowing skin. 


What's the downtime?

Immediately after the treatment, you will look very glowy and your skin should feel calm. Some people may have a slight flush after the treatment, which usually subsides within 30 minutes. You can wear make-up immediately following the treatment if you wish to. 

Is there any discomfort?

Most people experience mild tingling during the treatment, but some may not feel anything. It is a very comfortable treatment. 

How many will I need, and how often?

This depends entirely on your skin. You can have a HydraFacial as a one-off treatment before an event, or a monthly treatment to control breakouts and congestion. We can advise you on what frequency would be best for your skin. 

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