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Our skin peels are entry-level, meaning they are suitable for those who are new to advanced skin treatments (read more about our Advanced Peels here).


Skin peels are incredibly versatile, and can improve a wide range of skin concerns including:

  • Acne/breakouts

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Uneven skin texture

  • Congested skin

  • Pigmentation

  • Excessively oil skin

  • Dry skin

  • Pigmented acne scarring


Skin peels work by applying either an acid-based, or vitamin A based (or a combo of the two!) solution to the skin in order to improve specific skin conditions, and overall skin health. The term "peel" refers to the flaking of dead skin cells that can occur in the days following a skin peel (usually around 2-4 days of mild-moderate flaking is normal). 

Acid-Based Peels

The word "acid" can sound scary, but in reality, acids used in skincare are usually gentle and have a lot of benefits for skin health - remember, ascorbic acid = vitamin C!

Acid-based peels work primarily by gently breaking down the outermost layer of skin to stimulate formation of healthy new cells, resulting in brighter, smoother, and clearer skin. 

We use a myriad of different acids in our peels - each with their own specific benefits. For example, salicylic acid is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and oil-soluble - so perfect for treating acneic/oily skin! On the other hand, lactic acid is hydrating and softening - so perfect for a dry skin. You can learn more about the specific acids that we use, by clicking here.

Vitamin A Based Peels

Vitamin A peels work quite differently from acid-based peels, although the desired outcome is the same. 

Rather than breaking down the outer layer of the skin, vitamin A peels work from the inside out. They speed up the production of new healthy cells to such a degree that they often result in visible flaking (or "peeling") - this flaking is old dead skin cells being physically pushed off the surface of the skin by the new cells coming through. 

Vitamin A also boosts collagen production, fades pigmentation, controls and calms acne/breakouts, and boosts overall skin health. 

Combined Peels

Combined peels utilise both acid-based formulas, AND vitamin A based formulas, giving your skin the best of both. 

What is the downtime?

Most of our clients experience mild to moderate flaking/peeling after peel treatments. This normally begins on the second day after the peel, and continues for 2-4 days. Some clients do not peel.

How often?

Every four weeks is usually the optimal time frame between peels, and we typically recommend to do a course of 3 or more, for best results. 

Is there any discomfort?

A tingling sensation and warmth can sometimes be felt during peel treatments, but not always - this is dependent on the type of peel used. 

Can I wear makeup afterward?

We recommend to leave the skin clean for the rest of the day/evening following a peel, and to use only mineral makeup if possible, for the week after the treatment to avoid any irritation.