Treating Acne

Acne is difficult to deal with at any age - and despite what we're often told, it's not just limited to our teenage years. Acne can happen at any time in your life, and when it does, it can really knock your confidence. 

Acne is a condition we treat often at Skin Ritual, and although it's a complex and sometimes challenging thing to treat - it's also one of the most rewarding things we get to work on. 

Why Does Acne Happen?

Contrary to what some acne pamphlets may tell you, acne is usually NOT from having unclean skin... There are many different causes of acne, but ultimately it usually comes down to hormones. Some factors that can trigger or worsen acne include:

  • Diet (particularly dairy intake, and sugar intake)

  • Stress levels 

  • Recent change in hormonal contraceptive (oral contraceptive pill, Mirena, Jadelle, etc)

  • Change in climate (eg. moving city/country)

  • Using incorrect skincare products (this is quite common!) 

  • Pregnancy/Menopause/Hormone therapy (things that cause a shift in our hormonal state)

Every case of acne is slightly different - because every skin is slightly different. There's no such thing as one size fits all! 

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach when treating acne - we recognise that there are often multiple factors at play, and it's important to remember that often there is some kind of internal imbalance involved. For this reason, we'll often refer our acne clients to see a naturopath and/or dermatologist/GP alongside their treatments with us. We can offer excellent topical care, and clinical treatments for the management of acne - and in turn, naturopaths and doctors can order blood tests, check hormone levels, and offer dietary advice to compliment our clinical work. If medical intervention is necessary (in serious cases), we will always refer on. 

How Do You Treat Acne?

We always begin with a skin consultation. This allows us to sit down and chat with you about your skin, and explain all the treatment options available to you. We do a skin assessment, test your skin sensitivity level, and go through your skincare routine with you to make sure everything you are using is beneficial for your skin in its current condition. 

Typically when treating acne, step one is to reduce inflammation and support healing within the skin - we do this by prescribing topical nutrients (in the form of serums) and anti-inflammatory products. 

Once the skin is strong and healthy, we focus on regulating and controlling oil production within the skin - usually with vitamins A and B. 

Once the skin is well-prepped with good products at home (usually for at least 2-4 weeks), we can look at beginning clinical treatments. Usually these are peels (we tend to use retinol/retinaldehyde and salicylic acid the most), to control and clear up active acne. 

Treating Acne Scarring

Once acne clears up, more often than not the skin is left with scarring. The best time to treat acne scarrring is early on, as fresh scars are typically more responsive than older scars. 

We usually opt for a combination of microneedling and peels to treat acne scarring, and have seen great results with this treatment approach. 

Where Do I Start?

Start by booking a skin consultation with us - we'll take it from there. Acne is a difficult thing to go through, but with professional guidance and clinical care, acne doesn't have to be a long term struggle. Our skin therapists are highly trained and undergo regular continued education to ensure we are giving our clients the best possible care, every time.