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I've had quite a few clients ask about Microdermabrasion since opening Skin Ritual. It's a popular treatment, there's no doubt about it. But when I was deciding which treatments to offer at the clinic, Microdermabrasion was never going to make the cut - and here's why.

Let's start by going into what microdermabrasion actually does. Essentially, it's an exfoliation treatment; it either works by blowing crystals onto the skin's surface under pressure and simultaneously suctioning them away, or by dragging an abrasive diamond tip over the skin, again with suction. As you can imagine, both of these methods of exfoliation are fairly aggressive, which can be beneficial for a thickened, oily skin - if used in moderation. But for most skins, the mechanical exfoliation that microdermabrasion provides is overkill, and tends to harm more than help.

People get hooked on microdermabrasion, because it often provides instant gratification - post-treatment, the skin feels squeaky clean and smooth. But this temporary perceived improvement is outweighed by the potential long-term negative effects of the treatment: breakdown of the skin's protective barrier, thinning of the skin, long-term inflammation, and aggravation of pre-existing conditions such as acne, rosacea, and dehydrated or dry skin.

This treatment has been around for a long time - since 1985, to be exact. And, at the time, it was an exciting new innovation. But advancements in technology over the last few decades have meant that far superior alternatives are now available. At Skin Ritual, we have opted for the following:

Dermaplaning: a controlled exfoliation which removes the outermost layer of dead skin and facial hair, by using a fine blade in a feather-stroke motion against the skin. Removing these barriers to absorption results in increased penetration of your skincare - as well as a silky smooth complexion, and flawless makeup application.

HydraFacial MD: the HydraFacial MD treatment provides a deep and thorough exfoliation with gentle acid solutions, which break down the dead cells on the surface of your skin. Once broken down, these dead cells are gently suctioned away from the skin, along with congestion, excess oil and blackheads. Following this exfoliation process, the machine infuses a cocktail of nutrients, hydration and peptides to nourish and restore the skin.

Nutritional Peels: The vitamin A infusion peel delivers a high dose of nutrients to the skin resulting in accelerated cell turnover, increased collagen production, improvement of pigmentation and reduction of inflammation. We can also achieve fantastic results with our PCA peels, which are acid based, while still providing the skin with nutrients to nourish and strengthen.

At Skin Ritual, we will always strive to offer our clients the safest, most effective treatment options available - and Microdermabrasion will be remaining off the menu.

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