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Customised, results-driven facials in Auckland


Our Approach

We believe in an evidence-based approach, and we apply that to everything we do at Skin Ritual. Our treatment protocols are drawn from extensive research, and have been carefully created and perfected over time. The products we use in our treatments are medical-grade cosmeceuticals - we only choose the safest and most effective topicals available. 

In other words - we do our research, so that you don't have to.

Our Process

When treating the skin, we follow a three-phase system:

Phase One: Strengthen + Stabilise

Initially when treating any skin concern, we first want to ensure the skin is healthy, strong, and stable. This involves reducing inflammation, supporting the skin barrier, and ensuring the skin is well-hydrated. When all of these bases are covered, we know that the skin will respond better to active treatments.

Phase Two: Correct

Once the skin is healthy is functioning well, we can step it up and introduce high-performance active skincare and active clinical treatments. This is when we start to really focus on correcting skin concerns such as pigmentation, scarring, fine lines/wrinkles, and acne. 

Phase Three: Maintain

At this point, the skin is healthy and stable, and we have reached a point where the desired result has been achieved. The focus now is maintenance - ensuring that we can maintain the results we have achieved and keep the skin healthy and glowing. 

Hydra CU copy.jpg

Our Facial Treatment Options

We believe we have curated the best and most effective facial skin treatments available - right here in the heart of Newmarket, Auckland. 

We offer the following facial treatments:

- HydraFacial MD

- Skin Pen Micro-Needling

- Dermaplaning 

- Vitamin A Infusion Peels

- Chemical Peels

- Medi-Facial

We are able to effectively treat a broad range of skin concerns including but not limited to: hormonal acne, breakouts, congestion/blackheads, sun damage, hormonal pigmentation (melasma), chronically dry skin, acne scarring, pigmented scarring, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), and signs of ageing including skin laxity and wrinkles/fine lines. 

We always recommend to begin with a complimentary consultation - this allows you to discuss the best option with your skin therapist, as well as gain some valuable insight into your skin and how best to care for it. 

Why choose Skin Ritual?

We offer a high level of customised care, focusing on our clients’ needs and using active ingredients and exceptional formulations.


Contact us to book your free consultation.

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