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Greta's Philosophy

"I'm passionate about education when it comes to skincare - when we understand our skin better, we can take better care of it. At Skin Ritual, educating our clients is a huge focus, because it empowers our clients to make better informed decisions for their skin. It's also important to understand that the skin is a complex organ, and often is a reflection of our internal state - not just physically, but mentally as well. Stress, diet, gut health, and hormonal health all need to be taken into consideration when treating the skin in order to treat problems at the root cause."


Skin Therapist

Clinic Founder

Greta completed her aesthetics training in 2014, and spent the following years working and up-skilling wherever she could - but she became increasingly frustrated by the “band-aid” approach that seemed all too common in the skin care industry. She sought to find a better, more in depth approach to treating skin problems.


She spent several years managing a highly regarded skin clinic in Vancouver, Canada and it was there that she discovered a truly holistic approach to treating skin conditions. 

When she returned to New Zealand in 2018, she decided to open her own clinic - a decision driven by a desire to do things differently. A desire to ditch the pushy sales pitch, and to stop offering outdated, mediocre treatments. To provide only the safest, most effective treatments and products available, and to educate her clients so that they can take the best possible care of their skin.

A passion for skin care and commitment to continued professional development has given Greta a wealth of knowledge in skin care and she and her team regularly attend trainings and workshops.

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