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Vitamin B: The Most Underrated Skin Vitamin

A lot of companies talk about the super powers of vitamin A & C, but what’s hardly mentioned is the power of Vitamin B. Vitamin B, specifically B3 (AKA Niacin) is a truly transformative vitamin.

When we talk about using vitamin B, we need to be specific as there are 8 different types within the B family. The body naturally produces Niacin which is vitamin B3. Niacin is then converted by intestinal bacteria to its active form, niacinamide. This is the form we use in skincare.

One of the main reasons the body creates B3 is to make NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) molecules. NAD molecules are critical coenzymes found in every cell in the body that help with cellular repair, cell defence and other metabolic processes. As we age, the amounts of NAD the body creates decrease. This means our cells take longer to repair themselves.

Because B3 specifically deals with cellular repair, its effects on the skin can be truly transformative.

So who needs it?

B3 is perfect for those suffering from dryness, flaking, sensitivity, inflammation/redness, or rosacea. It's also great for acne/breakout prone skin, because topical vitamin B kills c.acnes bacteria (the bacteria associated with acne), reduces sebaceous secretions and reduces inflammation.

B3 is also extremely beneficial for barrier function because it increases ceramide (fatty acid) production which helps to maintain a healthy, strong skin barrier. It speeds up cell repair which helps to rebuild an impaired skin barrier, relieving sensitivity.

Because B3 increases ceramide production, helps to retain moisture, and strengthens the outermost layer of the skin, it also reduces the appearance of lines/wrinkles and slows the ageing process of the skin.

In short, vitamin B3 is beneficial for all skin types. You don’t need a pressing skin concern to start using it - you can use it proactively to boost skin health, and combine it with the serums you’re already using. You won’t regret adding vitamin B3 to your active skincare regime - and your skin won’t either.

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